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Microwave Potato Chips

Deep fried in oil, high in calorie – yet can’t say no to potato chips. I always had an idea of baking chips, like baking fries, but kept postponing. Saturday evenings call for a quick snack. I tried chips using microwave, and I am happy to have a quick snack with less oil.


Microwave Potato Chips:

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 5 mins | Serves : 2

Recipe Category: Snack


Potato – 1 medium, peeled, thinly sliced

Salt – as needed

Dry basil – 1/8 tsp optional

Cooking spray/oil – to grease (I used cooking spray)


  • Place potato in salt water to remove the starch in potato. Rinse the potato under running water. Place on a paper towel and pat to dry
  • In a bowl add potato, salt, basil and give a gentle mix
  • Grease genorusly the plate with oil/cooking spray.
  • Spread potato on the plateplate/parchment paper. Spread in such a way that there is no overlap


  • Cook on high until potatoes start to turn brown. It took 4-5 minutes in my microwave. Turn the chips in between (After 2-3 minutes) to continue even browning. Watch the last minute carefully to avoid burning


My Notes:

  • Adjust the time according to your microwave setting
  • Make sure you cook chips till they are brown for crispy texture