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Garlic Bread

We never forget to order garlic bread while ordering pizza. Addicted to garlic bread, this is one of my favourite quick eat whenever I have French bread handy.


Garlic Bread:

Preparation Time: 5 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Serves: 2

Recipe Category: Appetizers & Snacks


Garlic – 2 tsp, finely minced

Unsalted butter – 3 tbsp, room temperature

Dry Basil – 1 tsp

French  bread – 1/2 Loaf (I used Garlic and Herb Bread)

Cooking Spray/Oil – to grease (I used PAM olive oil spray)

Salt – as needed


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Combine minced garlic, butter, salt and basil  in a mixing bowl. I have cut diagonal pieces like this, to allow for more surface area, about 1 inch thick. Apply the garlic-butter mix on both sides of the bread pieces


  • Cook both side for about 5-10 min each till it reaches golden brown




My Notes:

  • You can add 1 tbsp of Parmesan cheese while preparing spread
  • Instead of French bread, you can even use White/wheat/multigrain bread
  • Instead of using oven, can also girll/use skillet to cook the bread
  • Instead of basil, you can even use parsley